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My guide to Milan Fashion Week

On 03/03/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

As a huge fashion week fan, I’ve managed to tick London, Paris and now Milan off my check-list. NYFW (2016) will be the next city the Bonafide Supernova team aim to be at.

I’ve decided to write a short guide on MFW, if you have any plans to attend a Fashion Week abroad this should hopefully give you an insight of what to expect/do.

1.Give yourself time, if you are applying for show invitations, you need to make sure you plan in advance, and research the correct people to contact. You can use Google Translate and send out a version in English and in either French or Italian dependent on whom you are applying too. You will also need an address, so that’s why you should book early so you know where you are staying and will have access to the mail.

2. Learn some of the language (Don’t just assume they will understand English) even though a lot of foreign people do, it’s better to learn the basics. It’s also much more polite. I had one of my Italian friends teach me some phrases and the correct pronunciation a few months before. I also downloaded the Babbel app. We got lost quite a few times so knowing how to say certain things was key.

3. Book flights and accommodation in advance, the closer it get’s to Fashion Week the more expensive flights are. Hotels are very expensive nearer the time too. I booked everything five months in advance. Make sure you double check the dates of when it starts and ends. It would be a disaster to book on the wrong dates. I love Airbnb and I usually use it every time I travel and it’s great for booking out whole apartments at discounted prices.



4. Arrive early to shows, presentations and even parties. You’ll probably get lost, so you’ll need the extra time to make sure you can find the location and queue. I’d suggest making yourself an itinerary before you leave so you can organise your time and so that you can see clearly when the shows start and end. Ladies: wear flat shoes and bring heels in your bag, if you are using the tubes/walking. If you’ve attended London Fashion Week before you will know that the shows never usually start on time. In Milan they all started on time. So remember it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Also make sure you are standing in the right queue, sometimes they separate them for buyers, press and photographers.

5. Bring a map with you at all times, If you are travelling to Milan (for the first time), the city is probably a lot smaller than what you think. It was really easy to get around in comparison to London and it was definitely cheaper. A lot of the shows took place near Duomo and Piazza Vetra. By the time the week has finished you’ll be a pro. Just make sure you have a map, in case your phone dies or you don’t have access to Google maps.



6. Bring a plus one, attending after parties alone is not going to be fun. I always bring a photographer friend with me, it makes a working holiday a lot more enjoyable and if there are ever any dilemmas two brains are better than one for figuring out a solution.



7. Wake up early and seize the day! Fashion week will fly by so I can’t stress enough how important it is to utilise your time. Make sure your mobile phone is set to the right time zones, as you wouldn’t want to miss any shows due to it still being on the English time. Drink lots of coffee, and stay alert. Italy is renowned for it’s great coffee. I had a really nice Caffè macchiato at Panino Giusto, it was served with a cube of ice-cream. Panino Giusto is close to a lot of the fashion week venues. I also LOVED the Gucci Cafe it was a great novelty and the coffee was nice too.




8. Talk to people, I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough, fashion week is a key time to make contacts. It’s amazing what sparking up a conversation can lead too, you never know who someone might be.

You can follow my IG @tamaratweetheart and also @bonafidesupernova for more Milan Fashion Week photos.

Natasa Cagalj for Ports 1961 – MFW

On 02/03/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

So as you may or may not not know, The Bonafide Supernova team have been busy at Milan Fashion Week.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Natasa Cagalj for Ports 1961 presentation, however our flights were already booked to arrive on the 27th instead of the 26th so it wasn’t possible for us to attend.

I’ve had the chance to look at the collection, here are the key looks and my thoughts.

Natasa Cagalj graduated from the Central Saint Martins MA program in 1997. When Alber Elbaz was appointed as a creative director at Lanvin in 2001, he invited her work alongside him. She was later appointed as Head of Design at Stella McCartney in London.

Look 29

Look 5

Of course her experience is commendable, and it is hardly surprising why the collection is so admirable. I always find that my love for Ports comes from, how beautiful yet wearable the pieces are. With each collection, I find myself lusting after each piece equally. Everything is so cohesive and intricately thought out. The pieces are interchangeable and really embody a mix and match concept. The collection champions the everyday lives of women. Often in fashion comfort may be ignored. But when it comes to the Ports 1961 brand, the slouchy sitting and wrapping details are not only functional but also exceptionally fashionable.

Look 3

“It is about elevating the pillars of the wardrobe – showing ‘normal’ clothes that are seamlessly and subtly turned into something special.”
Look 23

A/W 15 marks Natasa finding inspiration from the foundation of the Ports 1961 brand (Luke Tanabe) who just wanted to create a great white man’s shirt for his wife. It all began with men’s clothes for women” explains Natasa. The androgynous aspect encouraged Natasa to start manipulating traditional gender silhouettes. By transforming the ordinary into the ‘extraordinary’ by embracing the mistakes and coincidences that happen in the process of dressing.”

Look 7

Look 27

Look 2

Look 32
You can see more of our Milan Fashion Week experience and more behind the scenes photo’s of our #MFW experience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Words: @tamaratweetheart

Remembering Pucci

On 28/02/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

According to Vogue and various other reputable fashion sources, (this has neither been confirmed or denied by the house itself yet), Peter Dundas has left Emilio Pucci. Swiftly following in the fashion of Frida Giannini, Peter has decided to leave the fashion house after a 7 year tenure. Today marked his last collection much to the surprise and sadness of fans and industry veterans alike, and fortunately Peter managed to end his career with a bang. What I actually enjoyed the most about this collection was the lack of looking backward to the retired Pucci print, and the fact that he simply presented a brilliant, and clever collection. Forward-thinking thanks to the astrological references and sexy because of the cuts and fabrics are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe this collection, however I think the most appropriate and almost-cliche description for it, is simply “Italian Glamour”. The fur, the chiffon, the leather, the wool, the silk, all contribute to this aesthetic and for Peter to use all these classic elements of Italian fashion without the collection looking outdated, is frankly impressive. The ‘Peter Dundas Aesthetic’ itself, hasn’t necessarily evolved from his first collection, however the Emilio Pucci one most definitely has. No longer are the collections rife with garish prints and the brand associated with overly-tan middle-aged women, but Pucci has now become a strong red-carpet contender for dressing celebrities for both A and B-List events. Therefore, on a commercial level, Peter’s contributions to the brand have been invaluable since Pucci’s sales and reputation outside of the fashion peninsular have no doubt been lifted.

With Frida leaving Gucci, and Peter now leaving Pucci, one would hope that this is Italy’s chance to rejuvenate it’s fashion industry, and even if Pucci decide to follow in Gucci’s footsteps and promote from within, the next few seasons in Milan will definitely be interesting. Finally, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on Peter Dundas’s best moments at Pucci.

Emilio Pucci S/S 10/11'

Emilio Pucci S/S 10/11′

MET Gala moment

MET Gala moment

A new era at Pucci

A new era at Pucci

Peter's swan song

Peter’s swan song

Mr Dundas.

Mr Dundas.

I hope that Peter Dundas returns to fashion very soon and I feel that 7 years was almost too short a time to leave the house with no immediate position lined up. Hopefully he could move to another house and breathe new life into it, as he did at Pucci or go even go back to Cavalli! Solo il tempo lo dirà.

By Ashley Agedah

Solo il tempo lo dirà= only time will tell.

Blog: lestyleconnoisseur.blogspot.com
Twitter: @ashleyag1
Instagram: @ashleyagedah

Youthful Serum Youthful Skin

On 25/02/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

At some point many of us will be looking for products to keep our skin looking youthful, supple and fresh. I have always been keen to investigate just which anti-ageing serums would do the trick. So when I got my hands on the Dr. Organic, Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum I was eager to give it a try.

With many anti-ageing products costing an arm and a leg, most of us want to find a serum that does the job as well as being cost effective.

image001snail gel

Dr. Organics snail gel is one of the newest releases from the brand. the snail gel is said to improve skin hydration by 32% after four weeks of working it into your skincare regime, create a more youthful glow, protect skin against antioxidants, slow down skins cellular ageing and leave the skin with a smooth surface nourished and restored.

The serum is a lightweight creamy consistency, that easily absorbs into the skin. The snail gel is best used before moisturiser in the morning and evening. Although very lightweight, and suitable for all skin types the snail gel can leave a slight shine to the skin if you are prone to oily residue or if you have combination/oily skin type.

Overall I was very impressed with the serum, and haven’t had any blemishes due to the product being used. The only fault I may have with the snail gel that many may not notice is that there is a faint product smell when using which may put some people off. I have had the snail gel for some time now and I can certainly say a little goes a long way. A certified way to get youthful looking skin for more than half the price of other anti-ageing products.

W: DrOrganic.co.uk
Twitter: @Dr_organic
Facebook: Dr.Organic

Written By: Lea Gibson
Blog: sincerelyshug.co.uk
Twitter: @xshugx
Instagram: @xshugzx

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