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Dr. Martens Birmingham

On 12/12/2014 by Bonafide Supernova

Time to time, I will do a store visit to Dr. Martens in the Bullring to catch up on the latest products and meet with the team. Bonafide Supernova are part of the Dr. Martens exclusive bloggers club, and the brand has been a key part to this blog. We’ve been working with them pretty much since we started out.

There were plenty of products on my wishlist but my three ‘must-have’ pieces were the Alpha bomber jacket in Oxblood

(Unisex, this also comes in black)

The jacket is a collaboration with Alpha Industries: The famous MA-1 Flight Jackets of Alpha Industries first made their way into Europe as black market imports of American Army surplus. Using the exact construction and the stitch details as the original MA-1, the collection jackets come in Black nylon or Oxblood nylon, both with a striking yellow lining.

Current collaborations also available in store include Beano and Brutus.

The Flora boots from the refined collection.

(Ladies, stocked in sizes 3-9)

and what I picked for myself, the 1461 Black Patent Lamper (I’m going to be shooting these in an outfit post, very soon, stay posted!)

(Ladies, stocked in sizes 3-9)



















Photography by @RebeccaChiversMedia
Post: @tamaratweetheart
You can find Dr. Martens in the Bullring here
Thank you to Dr.Martens for gifting me

New Balance Custom 574

On 11/12/2014 by Bonafide Supernova

The New Balance team have been super kind allowing me to get creative, and design my own customised pair.

(The ones below aren’t the ones I chose, they are an example to show you how Custom 574 works I will be shooting mine in a few outfit posts really soon.)

Being individual is quite important to me. Customisation can be one of the most useful tools when it comes to being unique. Although trends are important and I do follow them, the fashion world would be pretty mundane if we all dressed identically. Limited edition and custom made pieces are definitely worth the investment.


The custom 574’s are currently only available in America, but when speaking with the NB team they assured me that there are definite plans to bring the New Balance customisation service to the UK soon. If you have a base in America (i.e. a family or friends address) you can get them sent to a US address, and then have your contact send them to the UK for you.



You can ‘sign’ the back, a lot of people tend to choose their names. I didn’t want to put my name on the back, if you have a cool name, something that’s a little catchy, I’d say go for it! I don’t really think Tamara McCleary has a ring to it, it sounds a little boring, right? maybe I should have put my Twitter or Instagram handle instead? A blogger will find any excuse for a ploy to get a few more hits!



As the deadline loomed, I put my thinking cap back on, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw someone post a quote and I thought, right I’m having that. It quite suits me, anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty career focused and I believe in pursuing your dreams and aspirations. So I chose the quote ‘Chasing Dreams’ one foot says Chasing the other says Dreams. If you can’t think of a slogan, you could always put your initials instead. Just don’t rush it, make the right choice. It’s not like it’s a tattoo or anything but once you pay for them, you can’t return them.


When it came to colours, there are plenty to choose from and the combinations are endless. You could be there for hours, it depends how indecisive you are. It was fun playing designer for a while. Originally I picked grey, burgundy and teal. When I asked for opinions my brother just said ‘don’t you already have these?’ I have a pair of 420’s that are similar colours, I was subconsciously going for colours/styles I already have. Naturally you are drawn to stuff you like.


I didn’t want to get something that would be available anywhere. So I went for all black everything. It might sound plain but nowhere in the UK sells them in all black and that is exactly why I want them. I made the N overlay logo synthetic to stand out, from the rest of the suede material as I didn’t want it all blend in, I still want people to know I’m wearing NB. In the fashion world, all black everything is a key look. It’s understated yet always on trend, and it goes with everything.

Untitled 2


New Balance Custom retail for around $159.95 plus postage
Design your own here (US postal address needed):

Instagram: @Tamaratweetheart
Twitter: @_TamaraMc

Clothes Show Live – Fashion Blogger Of The Year 2014

On 11/12/2014 by Bonafide Supernova

Okay so Tuesday was amazing! Bonafide Supernova won at The Clothes Show Live Creative Awards, in The Fashion Blogger of The Year Category.

It was really nice to be back in Birmingham where the blog was founded.

How lovely is the glass award and the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received, there almost as big as me. I might have looked a little awkward on stage, but I promise I was beaming inside.

I’m wearing a Tatty Devine chain, Boohoo Boyfriend Jeans, Office loafers, a Shop Jeen bag, and a Warehouse polo neck.

Having our efforts recognised by Caryn Franklin – (MBE & former editor of i-D magazine) and Gavin Brown (the man behind the Clothes Show Live) was beyond rewarding for us.





Here are some fashion illustrations by my friend Megan, a few from backstage at Julien Macdonald, Graduate Showcase and a few from the Fashion Theatre.

Fashion Theatre 2

Fashion Theatre

Graduate Showcase - Image Catwalk

Julian Mcdonald - Gold

julian mcdonald backstage

julian mcdonald3

julian mcdonald3435

Shop STyle23

Shop STyle34

Shop STyle70

Shop STyle73820

Myself and Sam owe a special thanks to anyone who has contributed to www.bonafide-supernova.com however big or small each contribution is extremely valuable to us. Team work is a key part of this blog. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of people do me favours and genuinely want to be involved. Especially our contributing bloggers, guest bloggers, photographers, videographers, interns, events staff, models, mua’s, hairstylists, designers, graphic designers, and friends who have all assisted in creating creative content, really helping our ideas come to life. All of the brands and organisations that have worked with us on collaborations or have supported us and given us a platform and extra exposure have been key to this blog. Although the award says my name on it, it really has been a team effort.

Finally of course all of our readers, sharers, followers, likers, subscribers, re-tweeters, and all of you who have helped our hits grow and enaged in our content.

We appreciate you all!

Thank you Clothes Show Live and Shop Style, for recognising us and well done to all the other finalists who took part.

IG: @tamaratweetheart
Photography by Rebecca Chivers


Clothes Show Live 2014

On 11/12/2014 by Bonafide Supernova

Ah, The Clothes Show Live, where do I begin? For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Clothes Show Live, it’s an annual event held in Birmingham NEC. It’s essentially a five day fashion festival, packed with top fashion and beauty brands to shop from at special discounted prices; there are also live hair and beauty demonstrations, makeovers, expert talks, trend reports, celebrities and a showcase of next generation talent. It also boasts the UK’s largest catwalk show, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fashion Theatre in association with Capital FM which features over 40 models and dancers in a 45 minute catwalk and dance spectacular. This year, I was lucky enough to be granted a press pass and a front row seat to this 45 minute extravaganza; yes, that’s right…the frow! I felt like Anna Wintour for those precious 45 minutes, albeit I was slightly more dishevelled and missing the chic bob and signature Chanel bag, but you get the picture. My allocated showtime was on Tuesday afternoon, and was hosted by the lovely Jamie Laing from E4’s Made In Chelsea, and featured a music performance from Elyar Fox to kick-start the show.



This year, the catwalk show paid homage to the fashion capital of the world, New York. The top celebrity stylist Karl Willett put together some extraordinary looks using leading designers such as Giles, Mystic Magic and Korlekie. Willett then went on to showcase these breathtaking designs in 8 different collections of his creation; Times Square, Wall Street, Central Park, Coney Island, New York Fashion Week, Hamptons, Studio 54 and Gotham. Having attended my fair share of fashion shows over the years, I can honestly say that the ALCATEL ONETOUCH show is always one of the most exciting shows to attend. There’s always such an explosion of energy, a plethora of prints and a kaleidoscope of colour on the stage; the models and dancers seem to have such fun with what they’re doing that it’s invigorating and inspiring to watch. The attention to detail is phenomenal and it’s easy to see that nothing has been overlooked, everything from the tiniest accessory to the level of bass in the music has been carefully considered.

Times Square


The Times Square collection was all about block colours and was very Sex And The City; the models were laden with shopping bags which were very much considered to be the statement accessory as jewellery was kept to the bare minimum. The collection was predominantly focused on colour and that city-glamour that Carrie Bradshaw famously emulates.

Wall Street





It probably goes without saying that the Wall Street look centred on office chic, and we were faced with an array of well tailored suits for the men and fitted pencil skirts for the women. This segment of the show demonstrated the simple transition of how office clothes can work for post-work drinks; we witnessed the women shake their hair free from their sleek buns, and remove their glasses to show that a pencil skirt needn’t be resigned to just office wear.

Central Park






The Central Park collection showcased the best winter looks of 2014 in an almost Eskimo esque twist. The female models were styled with a fantastic selection of faux fur and had their enviously tiny waists clinched in with statement waist belts in order to prevent the thick coats from swamping them.

Coney Island



The Coney Island collection was arguably the most fun look of the show with the models sporting garish prints and funfair novelties. The models also wore outfits of stripes and stars to call upon the American roots of the much-loved funfair tradition. As the models danced around exuding energy and a real zest for life, they encompassed an almost forgotten sense of fun that once stemmed from the funfair of yesteryear; encapsulating a touch of nostalgia for the lost glamour of the American funfairs of the past.

New York Fashion Week




The New York Fashion Week segment of the show was perhaps the most serious and followed the more atypical approach to a catwalk show. The looks were chic and polished, yet also bold and fun.

The Hamptons



Ah, the Hamptons; to spend a summer there would be quite the dream wouldn’t it? This was mainly a showcase of swimwear in which the 1950s high waisted bikini reigned supreme, along with some lovely one-pieces in a wide variety of pastel infused prints. As for the men, they were wearing either crisp white or pastel blue swimshorts…and not a lot else. Was anyone complaining? Absolutely not.

Studio 54



I admit, it’s been difficult to pick a favourite collection, but the Studio 54 show stole my heart. From the theatrical afro hair, to the disco inspired sequin trousers – I was sold immediately. There’s just something about the 1970’s and anything to do with the infamously elite Studio 54 nightclub has me locked in a trance. Night Fever, anyone?







The Gotham collection was a complete spectacle in its own right. The lighting, the stage fighting and the catsuits were transfixing enough, but to have Heath Ledger’s legendary line “why so serious?” booming out across the packed auditorium in tune with some custom music was just the icing on an already perfect cake. This collection was undeniably gothic, with thigh high boots and lashings of black leather, it showcased a darker side to the colourful and vibrant New York that we’d previously been shown; a stunning end to a vibrant and inspiring show.

By Rhian Drummond
Twitter: @RhianDrummond

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