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What Even Is The ‘Perfect’ Body?

On 30/01/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

More and more these days we see magazines, newspapers and even the internet splattered with images of celebrities looking beautiful in gorgeous bikinis or perfect dresses; but has this constant exposure to other’s ‘perfect’ bodies’, warped our views of what our own figures should look like?

The whole topic of body image is something that evokes different opinions or reactions from many people, and I don’t think it even to be possible for someone to make a claim as to what the ‘perfect’ body should look like.

Take well known celebrity Kim Kardashian for example.

Photo: http://www.drmichellecopeland.com/blog/2012/01/24/buttock-enhancement-searches-were-most-popular-in-2011/kim-kardashian-red-carpet/

We see photographs of her everywhere, and constantly hear discussions about her figure… and in particular, her bum! There’s no denying that many girls would love to have a small waist and round bum like Kim’s, but is it now promoting us to have unrealistic ideas as to how we can achieve these results for ourselves?

The gym surely seems like the most practical option; but now, more and more products are appearing on the market which claim to give us a bigger bum, and I’m sure it won’t be long before we can get the body we want without even having to lift a finger.


For example, you can now buy bum pads which are inserted inside your underwear to give you a larger and rounder behind; and there are also companies such as Glute Boost, who sells pills and creams that claim to help you ‘get a bigger butt’. I may be cynical, but the idea of a tablet that can gives you a bigger bum seems slightly bizarre to me; squats do wondrous things, and are an activity you can do just about anywhere!

It’s great for people to look at others and be inspired to achieve a similar figure for themselves, but sometimes, these results aren’t what we think they will be when starting out, and no one should ever be disheartened because their body isn’t like that person in the magazine… work hard, and embrace your own!

Thanks for reading.

    Author: Tanith Hood
    Blog: www.thingstanithdid.blogspot.co.uk
    Twitter: @tanithcaitlin
    Bloglovin: www.bloglovin.com/blogs/things-tanith-did-12927883

Addiction, Hypocrisy and Industry Flaws

On 28/01/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

The highlight of the #MargielaMonday analysis was the discussion on SHOWstudio presented by Lou Stoppard with celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight, and a host of other guests. All the reviews of Galliano’s Artisanal collection have either been full of praise for the return of his creativity or criticism for his use of repetition and lack of true innovation. Although, one recurring undertone in each piece has been that John has been forgiven for the most part, but his actions not forgotten. Essentially, John is still being informally punished for the anti-Semitic remarks he made in a Parisian café almost 4 years ago.

The remarks that were made that day were disgusting, cannot and should not have been tolerated. For people to argue “but if the same thing were said about another race…” to justify their defence of Mr Galliano, is not a valid argument. You cannot dictate when someone should feel hurt or offended, so what we choose to tolerate or not to tolerate cannot be imposed upon us. However it is unfair for people to allow this ugly anti-Semitic stigma to remain part and parcel of John’s career, particularly if we are to consider the other racist things industry veterans have done time and time again.

Lara Stone photographed by Steven Klein in 'blackface' for Vogue Paris

Lara Stone photographed by Steven Klein in ‘blackface’ for Vogue Paris

The utterly-talented Steven Klein is still being booked even after the hideous use of blackface he willingly photographed for Vogue Paris. Carine Roitfeld got a promotion to a better position at Harper’s Bazaar, her own magazine, a documentary and a Givenchy campaign after styling said-shoot. Karl Lagerfeld is still one of the most celebrated individuals in fashion despite his degrading comments about women and thinking it was a good idea to put Claudia Schiffer in yellow face, instead of just using an Asian model. The solution to such actions is to write an apology letter or rather choose not to, and discrimination of any kind is acceptable in the fashion industry. Fast forward to 2015 and we are reminded of fashion’s discriminatory tag by the fact that Jourdan Dunn is the first black model to grace the cover of British Vogue in 8 years. Gross lapses in better judgement, or just plain ignorance, these incidents are forgotten, largely because of the talent these creatives possess. However, the equally-talented John Galliano is obviously the exception and his crucifixion is still ongoing almost 4 years after the incident, reminding us all just about how hypocritical fashion can be.

By branding John Galliano as a racist, you would technically have to label those mentioned above, Vogue, Proenza Schouler, Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo and Número Magazine as such; just to name a few. To actually call these people and fashion houses racist is simply moronic, it can be argued however that they’re racist by implication- there’s a difference. How can someone who made despicable comments whilst under the heavy influence of drugs and alcohol and therefore not in his right mind, be called a racist? Steven Klein was sober when he photographed Lara Stone in blackface and that stamp is rarely attached to his name. The creative director and photographer of this exploitative Espresso shoot with Alek Wek was completely lucid. Moreover, Número justified the use of blackface in their African Queen editorial as an “artistic statement”. So why did we decide to not only tolerate all of these things, but conveniently forget about them too?

Alek Wek used as Espresso.

Alek Wek used as Espresso.

Like Nick Knight said during the SHOWstudio panel, those comments were the “ranting’s of a madman” who was “on the verge of a breakdown”. John was by no means using his alcoholism and drug addiction to justify his actions, he has profusely apologised for them time and time again, and actively sought help to better himself and atone for his actions in the best possible way. He was using his illness to explain why he said those things and why they weren’t a part of the man himself. To treat him so much more harshly than the parties involved in case studies before him, simply facilitates fashion’s hypocrisy complex and thereupon, the valid discrimination of others.

Like nepotism, I don’t think hypocrisy is a quality that will completely vanish from the fashion industry, because it’s part of human nature. Hopefully more people will become more, or rather aware of it.

By Ashley Agedah

Blog: lestyleconnoisseur.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter: @ashleyag1
Instagram: @ashleyagedah

Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Victoria’s Secret First Ever Swim Special!

On 28/01/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

The big secret is out! Victoria’s Secret is having its first ever swimsuit special and it will air on CBS at 10pm on February 26th.

The special will feature the angels from the famous lingerie brand Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrossio, who wore the fantasy bra on the last VS Fashion Show, as well as Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge. The swim special was shot in Puerto Rico by photographers such as Russel James. The special will be a behind-the-scenes at the making of the brand’s annual swimsuit catalogue and campaign.


Along with the Victoria’s Secret angels other models like Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Jac Jagaciak, Stella Maxwell, Joan Smalls and Jasmine Tookes will be also showing on CBS what it takes to get the perfect bikini shot.


The special will count with performances from Juanes and Behati’s boyfriend’s band, Maroon 5.


By: Carolina Lopes


Trend Report: Military Greens

On 28/01/2015 by Bonafide Supernova

With SS15 in full force, it is time to get your act together and really get your fashion game on point. Transitioning itself from AW14 to SS15 is the return of the military greens. It’s khaki all around with the colour being all over the highstreet and designer brands.

For the look, it’s all about big pockets, gold buttons, and a blend of colours including khaki, cream and navy. Here’s how to get the designer look for less!

Tie-Dye Crinkle Shirt – Topshop – £32.00
This has to be one of the best shirts out there for SS15. Everyone loves a bit of tie-dye, and this shirt will look funky with absolutely anything. Whether you pair it with some jeans or a mini skirt, your outfit will look ever so stylish. If you are looking to create a less rugged military look, this shirt will help to soften your outfit and blend tones together.


Daisy Street Cargo Pant With Pocket Detail – ASOS – £17.99
It’s the return of the cargo pants! Daisy Street make these cargo pants look ultra feminine and funky with cuffed hems and a regular fit. With twin slant pockets on the side and two patch pockets on the thigh, the details are just enough to give these cargo pants that military look. Paired with some statement black heels, a cropped tee and a large, bold bag, your outfit will definitely be on point.


Faux Leather Leggings – Zara – £25.99
Everyone loves a bit of leather, and nothing says fresh and rugged like these faux leather leggings from Zara. Paired with an oversized shirt or a boxy tee, this outfit will really create a khaki statement. Not only will they look great in the day; yet they can be easily transitioned into evening wear too, by simply changing the shoes and accessories to match the time of day.


Shirt Dress with Drape Back – ASOS – £38.00
Khaki is a great colour that styles well with dresses. This shirt dress with drape back is the perfect addition to your military wardrobe. The mid weight and textured, woven fabric gives this dress a light feel, meaning it will be perfect for those spring days. It features a pointed collar, has twin pockets on the chest and cutout detailing on the back. Paired with some black Chelsea boots and a statement clutch bag, this outfit will be perfect for spring shopping days.

River Island

Khaki Double Breasted Midi Coat – River Island – £110.00
If you really want to get the military look and are looking for the perfect coat, look no further. This double-breasted coat from River Island will look great paired with absolutely anything. With its classic double-breasted fit and gold tone button fastening, this will be your go-to cover up for seasons to come. Pair it with some black and gold accessories to really create a statement outfit.


Prowl Shoes (Khaki Off White Floral) – Office – £29.00
Add some femininity to you outfit with these prowl lace ups from Office. If you don’t want your whole outfit to scream khaki and military, these shoes will help to break down your outfit and keep it casual whilst still looking chic. They feature a khaki and off white floral print canvas upper, a leather sock and lining and a cleated synthetic sole with a 4cm heel height. Pair them with a leather mini skirt, baggy jumper and a vintage military jacket for a vintage look.

Topshop 2

Luggage Bag – Topshop – £34.00
If you want to keep it simple and only add a little military green to your outfit, this luggage bag from Topshop is perfect. Not only is it simple in its design and style, but it will look great paired with absolutely any outfit. Mix it up by pairing this bag with a really bold outfit to create a statement and an edgy look.

By, Shriya Pancholi
Twitter: @ShriyaPancholi
Instagram: shriyapancholi

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