Every two weeks for the next few months, we shall be playing homage to a few style queens and princesses who have changed the way women think about fashion. So, many women know how to dress well but others know how to encapsulate style, demeanour, buoyancy and radiance that exuberates any room large or small. Fashion and style are not just about how expensive your clothes are, more so about the ‘style language’ that you communicate to others around you. Not many can be style icons or preserve the essence of individuality and truly shine; nevertheless there are those exceptions, who have become some of the greatest fashion gurus; managing to revaluate the ideology of fashion.

We’ve started this week with Sarah Jessica Parker (well known as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City). This lady managed to make fashion way more exciting for everyone whether you lived in the US, Europe or Asia. Her character in Sex and the City brought out true charisma and fun to any outfit. Many thanks to Patricia Field’s stylistic skills in the series and the films.