With the music charts getting bombarded with female pop singers and contemporary female rappers like Nicki Manji, Rihanna, the lady some love & some hate but she is the biggest celebrity and most influential person on the planet……Lady Gaga! It’s becoming increasingly significant that women are ‘really running this world’! It’s not even in the music scene; most of the creative industries, even powerful positions in politics, business and finance have women running things or is it all really something we all want to see and hear but it isn’t actually exisiting?

So, when Beyonce Knowles new song ‘Run the World…Girls’ song was released, it seems to have some of the young ladies going wild and taking a stance- Beyonce seems to have this affect on us ladies. However, we love Beyonce and she usually releases some major hits, but not too sure about this track; what are our Bonafide Supernova reader’s thoughts? Is it a grower or has it missed the mark?

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Video sourced from YouTube 2011