French Vogue under fire for provocative child shots


Far too much, far too young: Outrage over shocking images of the 10-YEAR-OLD model who has graced the pages of Vogue



































































































Wearing heavy make-up and gold stilettos, Thylane Blondeau sprawls seductively on leopard print bed covers.


The provocative pose might seem like nothing unusual for a Vogue fashion shoot – except that Miss Blondeau is just ten years old.




Now the shocking images of the French child model have brought condemnation from parents’ groups and MPs.




And they are likely to take centre stage at a summit called by Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mothers’ Union aimed at cracking down on the sexualisation of children in advertising and the media.



Fleur Dorrell, of the Mothers’ Union, yesterday described the images as ‘physically disturbing’ and said they were ‘blurring all thoughts of beauty’.





And Labour MP Helen Goodman accused Vogue of being ‘disgraceful and totally irresponsible’ by publishing the pictures, saying it should have known better. ‘They have descended into the gutter by doing this,’ she said.




‘The sexualisation of children is one of the most pernicious ills of our era. They should not have done this.’



Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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