‘This Little Lady Went To London’- #PRBloggerEvent!!

Article by Samantha Thodhlana

Good afternoon Bonafide Supernova readers!!


It’s been one of those days when I’m trying to recover from the day before. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the first PR/Blogger Event held in London at the prestigious and might I add gorgeous Vinoplis– “such a beautiful location”.

Brought to you by, The Little Lady Went To London (TLLWTL), it was a chance for PR professionals and bloggers to address particular issues which arise when PR companies want bloggers to promote their clients products or services and how bloggers can build effective, productive and easier relationships with PR’s.

The panel featured, 3 PR’s- Camilla Brown (Manifest PR)- @girlterate; Lily Pickard (Focus PR)- @FocusPR and James Allan (Mission)- @JamesLacey and 3 Bloggers: the lovely JJ Miller from (TLLWTL)- @Love_London; Muireann Carey-Campbell (BangsandaBun)- @BangsandaBun and Cate Sevilla (BitchBuzz)- @CupCate! The evening was hosted by the lovely Vikki Chowney– @vikkichowney.

The panel got the chance to have a 45 minute discussion; covering topics around whether bloggers should get paid for writing posts for particular brands. Another hot topic was around, how PR agencies communicate with bloggers and make sure PR’s research around which bloggers they’d like to work with instead of just sending ‘blanket’ e-mails.

The panel’s discussions encouraged and provoked an array of questions from the audience and via Twitter. Many attendees asked questions around- how ethical or unethical it is for bloggers to request payment for their time; it was interesting to get the panels response as majority agreed bloggers should be paid for certain blog posts but ultimately all three bloggers agreed that, ‘you should write about what you’re passionate about and not anything & everything’!

Ultimately, I’d say the event was a great success and proved to me that blogging is become more and more of a phenomenon. Traditional PR is no longer the ‘be end and end all’. Consumers are looking for much more than just recommendation from traditional media mediums like print advertising or from journalists; they want personalised opinions on products & services from individuals who provide a new perspective.

As a blogger myself, just starting out it was useful to gauge how successful bloggers utilise other mediums such as PR’s, effectively building relationships and a mutual understanding with those in that industry.

It was great to travel to London and leave feeling excited! Do make sure if you get the chance to attend the next event- get a ticket!! Worth the money for aspiring bloggers and PR’s.