Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Last week Bonafide Supernova were invited to South Birmingham College to cover the ‘The Fashion Show 2012’ It was a interesting evening with some fabulous new talent. I think college shows are particularly engaging simply because when you don’t know or haven’t heard of anyone who’s showcasing you have no idea of what to expect.

A few collections caught by eye but my favourite by far was Alxzandria who did an Alice In Wonderland inspired collection.

When the presenter started read out that the next collection would be Alice in Wonderland inspired, me and my colleague couldn’t resist but roll our eyes at the thought of yet another Alice in Wonderland related fashion collection. We have seen countless numbers of ‘fashion people’ interpret and reinterpret the Lewis Carroll Classic and to be honest it can get boring from time to time. (Especially when people don’t do it well.) Of course when there are industry professionals such as Annie Leibovitz who have recreated Alice’s adventures flawlessly, it does make you think well… I’ve seen it all, what could possibly get my attention now?

I’m happy to say we were pleasantly surprised and instead of yawning, our eyes were glued to the catwalk. Her pieces were fresh and innovative, and her youth had clearly been used to her advantage. The whole collection just screams fierce & fun and instead of her models wearing six inch heels they rocked the catwalk in colourful Doc Martens.

From The Queen of Hearts to Alice herself the concept was creative and something I hadn’t seen before. Rather than tiring out the theme for the 100th time, designer Alxzandria manage to refresh and inspire us, she describes her collection as “Wacky and said she had a lot of fun making it”

Thanks to the first image from – The Tailor Fashion Blog

Written by Tamara McCleary Follow @_TamaraMc