I’m sure we all get those moments where our wardrobe just isn’t inspiring us, cluttered with awkward garments like winter coats that are more of a hassle than a fashion statement. Lookbook & the latest trends gives us some great examples of how to look fab this winter, but for me, some looks just aren’t practical for an everyday routine. So, as I was rummaging & most probably procrastinating on Instagram, my iPhone led me to the wonderful world of #AsosLoves.
copywright AsosEach week the Asos team on Instagram post something their loving this week at their HQ. Whether it’s winter coats, books or layering, they always manage to make it look effortless. Then it’s down to you guys! You post your looks using the hashtag #AsosLoves & they pick their favourites. There are some seriously cool looks out there & because they’re every day looks I find them so much more inspiring & I’m straight to my wardrobe to customise the looks myself.
For me it’s the best cure for a serious fashion mind block but also if you’re hot on your fashion, it’s great to see the variety of look’s people come up with in keeping with the theme of the week. Strongly recommend getting yourselves involved with it by following @Asos on Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram you can follow these posts on their Facebook page & on Webstagram.