Paris Fashion Week: Day 2

After the inevitable early start, I was up, at Capsule and eating a typically healthy ‘fashion’ breakfast and starting to visually merchandise the brand Cast of Vices I was working with:


I worked hard, (as everyone did), but being an intern, I did get more of a chance to have a look around and find my own ‘Star Buys’ which I would of snapped up if I were not working.

Star Buys!


These amazing beaded plimpsoles were the talk of the show, standing out with their colour and interesting adornment. The shoes, from Twins For Peace can spice up any day to day garment whilst exuding the popular spring/summer trend of African influence.


These retro style sunglasses were very popular in the show, with many different brands creating similar vintage looking sunglasses for spring/summer 2013, however these glasses from Illesteva were my favorites for their transparent material which was both strong and on trend for this season.

Fashion Week Street Style:

While not being on the actual streets of Paris for too long due to the snow and the activities of my intern role, I didn’t get to find any true ‘Street Style’ looks, however, there was no shortage of style around the trade show itself from both brand designers, exhibitors and buyers and here are my day two top fashionistas.


High fashion was also found in the show’s after party at Paris Club, Feleva Chic.




I want to add a quick note of thanks and credit to the workers, volenteers and organsiers of this years Paris Capsule. Everything ran smoothly and gave me an incredible experience as an Intern, will deffinately be back!

Brand of the Day.

My favorite brand of the day was easily the British designer Katie Eary for her use of fabric, which was a type of material often used in wet suits to create beautifully printed garments for the more creative and fashion concisous male.

ImageHave a look at her website for her interesting range A/w 2013.

Paris Fashion Week: Day 3, coming right up!

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Written By: Hazel Jenkins.