Paris Fashion Week: Day 3

After yet another after party at Le Pompon, I really was feeling tired, but the excitement of the day to come kept me going, and yet again, I had the best day. With a lot of the day including packing away to send the samples to the showroom in New York, I had a chance to evaluate the major menswear trends presented throughout the show and check out even more brands and street styles.

Fashion Week Street Style.



Lots of denim pieces seen today! – Keep that one in mind…

Brand of the Day.

This was a hard choice for me to be honest, as so many brands were so amazing! But I have chosen… Joseph Turvey. After meeting the designer at the show, and talking about his collection I really came to appreciate his concepts and vision  His work is heavily print based, with a classic art/ graphical illustration aspect to most pieces. Check out his website and support the young London based designer.


My overall Menswear trends taken from Paris Fashion Week.

Being involved with the show really highlighted this years most important menswear trends; and they are very exciting this year fellas!

ImageBig knit, youthful bobble hats, especially with print or typography.


Crazy prints, usually photography styled images. Symmetrical prints and Givenchy type animal prints are very popular and on trend.


I have to say that the biggest and most used trend I saw during fashion week for men was the use of quilting. Quilted jackets, skirts, body vests were seen everywhere, and the bigger the better. Look out for a cool quilted coat this winter boys.


Comme des Fuckdown has also been seen everywhere, mainly hats, but also bags and tees too. so Comme des Fuck on and grab one today!

So, in general Paris Fashion week was a whirlwind experience for me, and I hope my recordings have brought you some insight on Paris street style and up and coming trends for menswear, and also women’s. Please check out the brands I’ve spoken about, and comment if you want to know any more or have any questions!

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Written By: Hazel Jenkins