“A Bridge for the Foot”

Calling all shoe addicts, architecture turned shoe designer Julian Hakes has introduced his newly invented Mojito footwear collection. It appears as though Mr. Hakes sought inspiration for his new range from a packet of Walkers’ Quavers. But who are we to argue with this when in the world of fashion, weird translates as creative. As designer Dame Vivienne Westwood has previously claimed, too many people are absorbed by the want to own the same as what everybody else is wearing and therefore disregarding the consequences that it will result in everyone becoming clones of one another. With this in mind, Julian’s creativity has bought to the table a range of shoes that encourages the promotion of individuality.
The unusual structure of the shoe itself leads us to query how we even begin to get our feet into such a crazy maze. As mind challenging as they appear, I can’t help but imagine how fab they’ll look with a pair of slim leg cropped trousers, skinny jeans or a little black dress. Forget statement jewellery and forget statement handbags as it is now all about these statement shoes. Full of individuality, these heels are unquestionably an attention grabbing work of art and most certainly put the fun in funky! I guess it’s only a matter of time before Lady Gaga catches her eye on these twisty roller-coaster looking pair of heels.

Though with all footwear comes the comfortable rating and these Mojitos are no exception. Retailing at around £155 – £180, the jury is still out over whether they carry comfort or are simply designed to impress. Either way, Julian Hakes is just one among many designers who have rightly certified London’s position as one of the world’s fashion capitals and for that we salute his architectural talent and welcome him into the world of fashion with open arms.

Author: Fahmida Choudhury
Blog: www.fahmidachoudhury.wordpress.com
Email: f.choudhury@live.co.uk
Twitter: @Fam_Chou