IMATS London 2013


Luckily I was fortunate enough to go to IMATS 2013 with a blogger press pass for Bonafide Supernova, for the whole of the IMATS weekend. IMATS is an international makeup artist trade show that showcases beauty, makeup companies such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Makeup Forever and NYX, to list a few. As well as having tutorials and talks by professional makeup artists and directors, it showcases up and coming makeup artist students works as well as how to use prosthetics.

The IMATS event ran from 21st-23rd June. Friday being the pro event for professionals and makeup artists, whilst Saturday and Sunday was open to everyone with a valid ticket or pass.

The event had talks and tutorials from Terry Barber, Kevin James Bennett, Gary Cockerill, Neill Gorton and Rob Mayor and many many more.

Terry Barber (MACS director of makeup) gave beauty techniques, tips and tricks for editorial and runway trends. He has over 20 years’ experience and has worked with the likes of Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones to name a few. It was a very insightful talk and the tutorial filled over 100 seats, I was glad to be amongst the presence of professionals doing what they do best and watching from the front row.

Neill Gorton (Special effects and Prosthetics designer) and Rob Mayor gave an incredible talk and tutorial on the main stage of the application of silicone ageing, prosthetics and the process of creating the makeup. It was an intriguing tutorial that enabled me to see the transformation on how makeup can be used for television. I particularly found the creation of prosthetic burns insightful mainly due to the amount of detail that is needed to create such life like moulds.

Gary Cockerill’s (Celebrity Makeup Artist) session gave a talk on how to get immaculate red carpet makeup glamour and his personal tips and tricks. These were some of my favourite talks of the weekend as they were the most detailed. I also really enjoyed the fantasy show awards that were run by up and coming makeup students showcasing some of their work, and again loved the creations they made. I found myself starring at times as I couldn’t believe how realistic some of the work was.

Each makeup, prosthetics and beauty stall gave advice on products and how to use/apply makeup. Many of stalls had queues that went on and on to be able to purchase products. Many of the American brands that aren’t easily available in the UK had the most amount of people attracted to those stalls.

For those who are familiar with the YouTube and blogging world, IMATS gave the opportunity to meet some of your favourite beauty/fashion gurus and bloggers. I was fortunate to meet Patricia from Britpopprincess (YouTube), Natalie from Blushblendbeauty and Grace from Uglyfaceofbeauty (also both from YouTube), as well as many others.

It was an eventful day and I would definitely advise all you beauty lovers to experience the day if not the whole weekend, there was such a friendly atmosphere and everyone in the hall had common interests which was really lovely. I would love to attend again next year and maybe see you all there too.

First View

Imats main stage

Talks & Tutorials





Nail Varnish

Concealer Palletes

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Forever Foundations


Mac Paint Pots

Makeup Stand

Pro Makeup

Finished Look

Finished Look

Finished Look

Finished Look

Me & Patricia

Natalie, Me, Grace

Last View

By Lea Gibson
Twitter: @xshugx
Pictures courtesy of Sarah Taylor @srftaylor