Kiss Nail Wrap – Make your nails dazzle this Summer!

Kiss Nail Wrap

I was so happy to receive this sample in the post. I have fallen in love with them and have already ordered two more designs online. For my nails I normally just paint them any colour they usually go with my outfit or I will paint them any old colour to go with my mood.

But with Kiss Nail Wrap, the process is so simple you will probably consider not using nail polish anymore, the nail wraps are done in three stages PEEL, APPLY AND SHAPE- quick and easy right!

This method literally took me 10 minutes so if you’re in a rush this is definitely something you should consider, glamming up your nails when needed.

Kiss Nail Wraps lasts for 10 days and will have your nails looking beaut ready for a night out! It comes in a range of designs allowing you to buy different styles according to your preference.

It contains 18 strips, design booklet and file- a free file this is definitely value for money! These Nail Wraps are no hassle and can be peeled off any time, if you’re feeling bored with your design you can quickly peel it off and use another Kiss design.

The design booklet was very useful, it contained different designs so I could create many more looks.

Nails 1


My nails look great! I am so happy with them.

Kiss Nail Wraps are available at ASDA priced at £5.99, check out the link below to order online.—Various-Colours/KISSNAILWRAPSMASTER,default,pd.html

Below are a few of my favourite designs! I have recently ordered them online and can’t wait to use them.

KWN10-Feb 06 2012

Leopard print a must have trend for AW13- buy yours now so you are ahead of the game!

KWN08-Feb 06 2012

I love this print, looks great when I wear an all white ensemble! -Latest trend this summer

KWN06-Feb 06 2012

Monochrome Madness! Wear these nails with black and white.

Written by @Maxine_PR