Diesel Presents Jogg Jeans

So I’ve been busy this week, with Diesel and VICE, trialing the latest Jogg Jeans. Their latest denim collection features a mix blend of denim and jersey, designed not like your average jean, these are meant to be super stretchy so you can wear them to do pretty much anything. ‘A cutting edge crossbreed between jeans and active-wear’. If you imagine the comfort and lightness of jogging bottoms, but the look of your favourite jeans, that’s basically what Jogg Jeans are, they are not jeggings by the way, they work by channeling the same weaving method that is used to create denim, but with a special patented technique. Externally they look like Denim and internally they feel (super-soft) like knitted jersey.
(Jersey + Denim = Jogg Jeans)

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I generally tend to stick to skinny jeans, but sometimes after wearing them all day they can become uncomfortable, you know if you’ve been walking a lot, or dancing etc. and your circulation gets messed up, I hate that itchy hot feeling. As for sweatpants, I definitely do not wear those outside of the house as an everyday outfit. Call me a slave to fashion but as far as I’m concerned sweatpants should only be worn for a gym workout, or to lounge around the house if you publicly wear them every day you just look lazy. Not effortlessly lazy chic- but just ‘lazy’ lazy… so hurrah! for Jogg Jeans, they look great on the outside and feel great on the inside. With limitless flexibility these hybrid bad-boys will allow you to sprint, jog, jump, lounge around the house or even back-flip in them if you want to.

I wore mine on a night out, paired with some killer heels, a smart blazer, and a leather tee.

To put them to the test, I wanted to do something that involved a fair bit of movement. I thought of a gym workout, but to be fair until the rest of the world cottons on to the Jogg Jean I’d probably look like a bit of a diva in jeans on a treadmill.

I thought of trampoline try-outs, but later realised you can’t have zips or buttons on the trampoline. I originally intended to try them out on a Bouncy Castle, but surprise, surprise there aren’t that many Bouncy Castles just hanging around. Ultimately I settled for my Plan C – Yoga.

My housemate has been wanting to join the gym for a while now, so I suggested we do a home Yoga workout instead, she used to do Yoga and Ballet so this was the perfect opportunity to give them a test-drive. She wore tracksuit bottoms, so we could compare movement. You’ll see from the video we could both move around equally as easily.

My verdict: The jeans actually work, I hate the look of tracksuit bottoms, (they hurt my soul) but despite their repulsiveness no one can deny how comfortable they are. I kid you not, Jogg Jeans are equally as comfy you can seriously move at ease in these. Give them a go!

Diesel Jogg Jeans start from £140-£250.

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