Dopechef| 5th Anniversary



Since DopeChef’s conception in 2008, no design has been more sought after than the ‘Tattoo’ designed in 2009 by Macharia Brian. In that time the ‘Tattoo’ has been ordered by customers from every corner of the world. This year marks the 5th Aniversary of the infamous ‘Tattoo’ design and Dopechef have decided to pay homage to this classic by embarking on a World Tour to follow in its footsteps around the world and thank the brands international customers for the international global Love.

To celebrate the Worldly impact of the Tattoo and its cultural following; for its 5th anniversary Dopechef have decided to release the long and eagerly awaited ‘Tattoo Dashiki’ which was first presented in 2011 as a concept piece but never released. Limited to just 600 pieces, the Tattoo on a Dashiki showcases just how versatile and timeless the Tattoo is and why it still continues to be so dominant.



To compliment the flamboyant ‘Tattoo Dashiki’ they felt it was only right to also release the original Tattoo T-shirt, Hoodie and for the 1st time a Long sleeve. Dopechef have also added an embroidery finish in Black on Black to form the perfect under layer to be worn under the ‘Tattoo Dashiki’. Some May remember the ‘Tattoo Black Friday’ release last year when the website crashed due to overwhelming traffic and orders.; pieces sold out in a matter of hours. Since then black remained the most highly requested design and this anniversary marks its return to the main stage.