Guest blogger Sumaira Hussain reports on International Women’s Day…

International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900’s, more or less modern feminine times show the most powerful women around the globe from the powerful teen Malala Yousafzai, to Beyonce’s strong lyrics “Who run the world, girls!”

Yonce has even joined the Lean in for female empowerment campaign #BanBossy Teaming up with other celebrities like like Jennifer Garner, Condoleezza Rice and Jane Lynch to stop the use of discriminatory words against strong-willed women assuming leadership roles and to empower all women to achieve their ambitions.

Those who are interested in showing their support are encouraged to “take the pledge” at the Ban Bossy website.

So what does this mean for US women around the world on this special day? At Highfield Centre, Leicester on the 8th March, women of all backgrounds and ages including some men came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. With speeches, workshops and embracing woman power within the community.

Eshe Mitchelle founder of YNKE Clothing which stands for Yunik, spoke to me about her brand. How does this brand fit in with International Women’s Day?

Well Eshe’s online platform celebrates being different and unique with a variety of topics enthused with Music, Art, and Fashion.

“We are passionate about being individual and unique”

The brand itself provides vintage garments that are hand selected around Europe. Yunik familiarise their vintage boutique with what their followers like and want through Instagram. This varies from patterns, prints, textures and colours.

“We aim to encourage our readers to embrace their own style, and celebrate with us that everyone is unique and different. This is something to be proud of as there is no one else exactly like you so why try to fit in with everyone else?”

What is you favourite hand-picked piece from your collection?

“My favourite piece today is this denim jacket which has got like.. gold prints all over. Other than that I quite like this metallic dress, which has stripes, a halter neck which is slim fitted perfect for a petite build.”


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Mainstream media have portrayed this stereotypical image into our minds that being tall, size 6 with flawless skin and caucasian facial features. Women look at this type of woman everyday on many social media platforms, the internet and even TV advertisements, yet who can we blame the multi-million fashion industry?

Eshe herself was one of these girls, like you and I being pressurized as to what we should like and what is beautiful. We forget to appreciate our own features and see them as nothing but flaws.

For the finale of the event there was fashion show which consisted of women of all diverse ethnic backgrounds, different heights, body sizes, and most importantly with different features.

Amirah, backstage coordinator and fashion show manager expressed;

“We want to show to the community, that we should be happy the way we are and at the end of the day we are all beautiful in our ways”.

The question that should sink in is are we confident enough to walk in our own skins regardless our different features that the mainstream media do not show ?

You can visit Eshe’s YNKE Clothing brand online at

Written by Sumaira Hussain