The Barcelona Travel Guide

If you decide to visit, take a look at my guide as I’ve listed my top three things to do.

1. Walk down the pier and eat Tapas by the beach.

Barcelona Beach


It’s pretty right? It also doesn’t matter what season you go in. I traveled to Barcelona in December and it wasn’t to breezy. There are plenty of tapas restaurants in Spain. Just head along the beach and take your pick.

Travel hack: Don’t buy mojito’s from the sellers on the beach… unless you want something non alcoholic. They definitely don’t have alcohol in as they claim!

2. Pay a trip to Sagrat Cor

There are breathtaking views and a funfair. I’m not hugely religious but you don’t have to be to appreciate the beauty. The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona.


sagrat c


Travel hack: If you’re afraid of heights this really isn’t for you. You have to get to the top of the mountain via this rickety cable car-esque thing that feels like it will break at any minute. I didn’t get that freaked out as I kept reminding myself that I’ve done a bungee jump.

3. Party at Gatsby Barcelona

I live in London and nights out are pricey to say the least. Gatsby Barcelona is fabulous and entrance was free! I couldn’t believe it as the standard of the venue and the entertainment are really impressive. Cocktails are very fairly priced at around €12. Gatsby Barcelona has a glitzy 1920’s Gatbsy theme, the decor is glam and tasteful not tacky. Throughout the night there are male and female dancers who dance on the stage/bar. The women in jewelled glitzy flapper dresses, the men are half naked!




Travel hack: The club (not the restaurant) opens at around 12-12.30pm. Clubs in Barcelona stay open later than most in the UK. So perhaps have a power nap before heading out.

Dress-code: Wear heels!

Words by @tamaratweetheart