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Fashion Internships!

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For most of us fashion students the hardest part about starting our career is getting the 30+ years experience employers want before they hire you (Oh, and this is all before you reach the age of 25). So I have compiled a thorough guide on internships available and tips and tricks to help you get them. Remember, employers like people with a wide range of skills so be open minded when applying for internships.


For me, I have come to realise that as someone who wants to work in the creative industry I should grab every opportunity I get to build on my experience, even if it isn’t directly what I want to do. Say you want to be a designer, an internship in a print studio would only make you a more rounded and appealing to an employer. Experience in other area will not harm your chances of getting into the industry, but NO experience will!


Job Websites

It’s an old folk myth that fashion internships are hard to find. After going on an internship spree I discovered some pretty impressive websites that offer internships in all areas of the industry. But despite the positive side, going through all the internships can take HOURS so make a day of it, have some trashy TV on in the background and take your time narrowing down the ones you actually want to apply for.

Brand Career Websites

There are a few branded internship opportunities which would be incredible opportunities for any fashion student as some of them are overseas. I’ll leave the links below to each one I have come across.

HnM – Stockholm
All Saints – England
Levis – San Francisco


If living the real life Devil Wears Parada is a personal dream of yours then one of these magazine internships would be perfect! Send a tailored CV and Cover Letter to the chosen company. Also be aware that Conde Nast and Heart (Conde Nast are own the renowned Vogue and Hearst owns ELLE) only allow you to have one internship with them so choose which company you want to work with wisely!

Conde Nast Company
Vogue –

Hearst Company
Cosmo –
Harpers Bazaar –

New! –
Business Of Fashion –

Social Media

Twitter – We underestimate the power of social media! all you have to do it type ‘fashion internship’ or ‘fashion work experience’ into the twitter search bar and you are guaranteed to find 5-10 internship placements

Instagram – I personally have only used Instagram once or twice but there are a number of smaller brands looking for fashion design studio assistants, just search #fashionintern. Any experience is good experience!


Research The Brand: As well as knowing the brand for the interview, you need to know the brand for yourself! It will help you judge weather the internship is for you or not.
Find Out What The Brand Wants: This will help you when it comes to addressing the brand in your tailored CV and Cover Letter.
Tailor your CV and Cover Letter: Tailor your CV and Cover Letter. These companies receive 1000’s of CV’s everyday, personalise yours and address the company personally, this will make a big difference!

Good Luck!


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