The inspiration behind Disney’s iconic fairy-tale castle


Neuschwanstien castle in Germany is the catalyst and inspiration for how Disney’s iconic fairy-tale castle was created in Disneyland in the 1950’s. Disneyland creator Walt Disney conceived a castle idea for his kingdom by modelling the Sleeping Beauty Castle on Neuschwanstien castle.


It was the picture perfect visionary and concept for the evolution of bringing his real life Disney fairy-tale castle alive into the Disney Park, which still a remains sentimental value to the parks legacy in the present day. Neuschwanstien castle, is a quaint and ornate castle that is set in a lavish and scenic landscape, set upon the green Alps of Bavaria, and is situated near the town of Fussen in Germany. The German castle was built in the 19th century for King Ludwig, and it gently lies high upon a silent hill overlooking the natural elements of allgua’s lake and the Hohenschwangau valley. Neuschwanstien castle’s means “new swan castle” as the delicate white colour of it indicates its swan like qualities.


The recreated castle in Disneyland has been modelled completely on the Neuschwanstien castle in Germany, using its design structure and aesthetic mechanisms. The modelled castle added the final icing to the Disneyland parks and to Disney’s magical ethos. Disneyland, was a place simply created in the 1950’s for American dreamers. The park and its magical castle was the place to escape normality and step into a fictional fantasyland escaping from the dark world and its constraint’s, allowing the kingdom to tease your mind with sparkles of magic, creating euphoric feelings and momentum, whilst offering the young and old fun memories. The Disneyland castle has been a muse for many Disney lovers for decades and the stunning castle is the pinnacle and centre point of the Disney park. Just imagine that the real life fairy-tale Disney castle really exists and has been present in Germany since the 19th century. The electrifying “neuschwanstien castle” is a goldmine for tourists each year and is one of the hottest places to visit in Europe currently.






Photo courtesy: Neuschwanstien Castle website/ Disneyland website

Written by: Clara Brennan

Twitter: @clarabellamaria