Klements: The Uniquely Inspired Fashion Label

Charlotte Allen is the face behind the one-of-a-kind printed accessories and clothing label that is Klements. The brand produces luxury scarves in Italy, while the clothing within the collections is printed and beautifully made in London.

Charlotte Allen

The fashion brand is inspired by “nature’s wonderful curiosities, an innate preference for the macabre and a lust for strange beauty.” Youngbritishdesigners. The line also draws upon nature’s glory and cruelty, the progressive and the acidic, and is actively influenced by the shifting creative zeitgeist that is London city.
The distinctive designs featured in the label’s collections are made through production processes which range from hand-drawing to being painted or created from original photography.

I’d describe the brand’s pieces as bold and colourful, graphic and intricate, and possessing a unique aesthetic that is a testament to the designer and her creativity. The pieces are an effective mixture of fashion and artwork, providing the perfect aesthetic for those who like to stay on trend yet be unique. Additionally, silk is a material which seems to be predominantly used by brand, showing that the designer is keen to take advantage of its comfort providing properties and also its ability to take colour well, therefore emphasising the unique designs.
The SS15 collection that was released by the label was inspired by clean, relaxed 90’s shapes and features the label’s signature amazing and unusual designs. The brand additionally combined and took influence from the 90’s grunge and rave scenes, which set the mood of the collection.

Klements’ fashion line has an ethos of creating “exceptional items, to be kept and treasured. Designed carefully with the belief that fashion should not be fast.” This ethos is effectively projected in the accessories and garments of the brand, as each piece is recognisably uniquely and skillfully designed, making them the keepsake treasure within every consumer’s wardrobe.

Look out for up-and-coming collections from the Klements brand and find out more about the label on the Klements’ website and on Youngbritishdesigners.com

Written by Tyeish Liburd
Twitter: @Tyeliburd