Glosses By Kylie Jenner. New Music Video & Lip Gloss Line


The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood, Kylie Jenner has spread her creative wings yet again and has formed a super new glossy lip line simply labelled “glosses”. The neat new lip gloss line which went on sale on Friday made an epic sell-out performance within a short time. The new line sold out in a few minutes, proving how the ever popular evolution and power of the Kardashian’s brand is present in todays society and how soaring their youthful appeal is. Fans went manic to buy a slice of Kylie’s infamous trout pout, with some buyers even going as far as to resell a single lip gloss on eBay for $250 dollars, even though a singular lip gloss only retail’s at $15.00.

To add more flavour into Kylies advertising promotional mix, the skilled business teen mogul thought of an ingenious concept for a way to use a social media promotional platform to promote her new lip-gloss line. Why not create a music video for selling lip glosses? Welcome to the 21st century evolution of youthful beauty branding guys.

“Glosses” lip line is officially now accompanied with a cool and stylish music video, enhancing Kylies singing abilities at the intro of the short 3 minute video. The dynamic video has already reached over 6.4 million views and has already gained a lot of media attention since its launch. The music video offers a “gangsta girl” style concept to it, showing Kylie wearing a Louis Vuitton headscarf whilst chilling outside a motel in a savvy rolls Royce car. Kylie plays a gangster girl boss, who eagerly awaits outside a motel whilst her girls raid the inside of it, nabbing the three desired lip-gloss flavours for Kylie named “so cute”, “like”, and “literally”. How Californian can you get girl?

Video Courtesy: “Glosses by Kylie Jenner” by Kylie Cosmetics/Youtube

The “Glosses” lip gloss line is priced at $15.00 each

So cute: Nude Beige $15


Like: Brown Beige $15


Literally: Nude Peach $15



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Written by: Clara Brennan
Twitter: @clarabellamaria