Lemonade – A Review

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‘I was served lemons, but I made lemonade’

The internet lost it’s mind when Beyoncé’s highly anticipated 6th album, Lemonade, went viral last week. It’s been tweeted about more than 4 million times and has been mentioned on virtually every music, news and lifestyle website going.

However the album seems to have made headlines for reasons other than its musical quality. Aside from when they perform together, Beyoncé and Jay Z usually keep themselves out of the limelight when it comes to their marriage. Yet since the elevator scandal back in 2013 when Beyoncé’s sister Solange was seen attacking Jay, cracks in the couple’s otherwise sold exterior have started to show. Which is perhaps why this album has caused such a stir – Lemonade appears to be tragic goodbye to their relationship.

‘You can taste the dishonesty. It’s on your breath as you pass it off so cavalier.’

Here is a brief review of each song (ratings in lemons):

Pray You Catch Me
A beautiful opening track to the album. It’s almost like an introduction to her story that she is about to tell.

Hold Up
Quite simple, hash harsh lyrics with a Caribbean style to it.

Don’t Hurt Yourself
A rock Ballard featuring Jack White. It’s edgy and shows a completely different side of her. It’s sexy but hard-hitting and powerful.

Where the infamous ‘Becky with the good hair‘ originated. A r’n’b urban track with plenty of anger and attitude.

6 Inch
Confident lyrics with cool urban backing music. Pretty catchy and The Weeknd’s voice compliments hers really well.

Daddy Lessons
A thank you song to her father, Beyonce takes the time to show gratitude towards him. Quite a touching record with honesty and an old school vibe to it.

Love Drought
‘I’ll always be committed, I been focused. I always paid attention, been devoted. Tell me, what did I do wrong?’. The lyrics really sell it, the actual music is a bit bland.

A really beautiful and poetic song that shows of her vocal ability. It’s quite slow compared to the others but is still really lovely to listen to. Perhaps the most tortued song on the album.

James Blake takes centre stage on this track. It has a haunting feel to it and fits in nicely between Sandcastles and Freedom.

A strong 50’s/60’s sound, with a feministic theory behind it. It makes you feel empowered listening to it.

All Night
An apparent ackowledgement of her husbands desirability and infidelity. Her voice is both harsh and angelic in this song. ‘Oh I’ve missed you my love’.

#BlackLivesMatter seems to be a feature in this song, whilst Beyonce affirms her position in society. ‘I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils’. Probably my least favourite, not due to the lyrics but I find it a hard song to get into.

Words by Sophia Chettleburgh

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