Macom Medical – A Review



So I got a boob job almost two months ago now. So far I’m really happy with my decision. I know it was the right decision for me and something I thought about for years before finally going ahead.

Pre breast augmentation you have to buy a lot of bits and pieces to help with your recovery. I.e a surgery pillow, surgery bras, bio-oil, pyjamas that button up at the front, non perfumed body wash… the list goes on.

All of these things are absolutely essential and after the procedure is over and done with the costs continue to mount. You’ll eventually buy new bras and if you work out you will need to invest in a high intensity sports bra to support your new girls! The costs do stack up even after the actual procedure, so make sure you save and plan ahead.

macom medical

My point is if you’re going to pay ‘X’ amount of money on surgery anyway – you really need to follow up by investing in the best quality products to keep your new additions happy and healthy. Trying to scrimp and save for cheaper products certainly wasn’t something I wanted to do – after forking out so much money prior. I wanted the best for my new boobies!

When doing my research I knew pretty much immediately I wanted to use Macom bras for my recovery. I had no intention to consider anything else because Macom is the industry leader and is often recommended by surgeons. I worked so hard and waited so long to have my breast augmentation therefore I wanted to ensure I took the best steps in looking after my body post-op.

When reading the forums I know some girls purchased their surgery bras from Primark, Asda etc. This was not the route I wanted to go down because a generic sports bra doesn’t have the medical kudos Macom does. There are already so many risks with cosmetic surgery I certainly didn’t want to add anymore to the mix.

I actually met James the founder of Macom in person at Macom HQ. He showed me exactly how the bras work and what makes them unique it also reinforced my faith in the product as it is clear James has done a lot of research in terms of perfecting the product.

Key points are:
A seamless design so no underwires or anything to irritate your skin
The cups are expandable therefore there is a lot less restriction on size

If you’re at the early stages of researching a breast augmentation you may be wondering why you need a compression bra?

The application of compression is an essential part of the post-surgery healing process

Surgeons, clinics, and hospitals encourage patients to wear a compression garment following their surgery in order to provide targeted support

Compression bras minimise bruising, alleviate swelling, and a secondary measure to reduce the risk of complications and speed up the recovery process.

I’ve been wearing my bra everyday and every night for 8 weeks now. Usually you would wear it for six weeks initially but I had to wear it for an extra two (doctors orders!).

My surgery bra is seriously comfy and I don’t even feel like I’m wearing it anymore I’ve gotten so used to it. It’s much more comfortable than a normal bra. I always found with a normal bra by the end of the day my back was hurting and I needed to get my bra off when I got home and this was when I didn’t even have any boobs. This hasn’t happened with my Macom bra at all and now I have more weight on my chest – it is honestly comfy.

Ensure you get your right size. I got the perfect size it wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. There are sizing guidelines on the website, a live chat or you can just call or email and the Macom team can easily advise you.

Before getting my bra I did a lot of research on breast augmentations and a common complaint was that during recovery bras can be too tight and therefore really painful. I read a lot on certain surgery bras causing irritation due to tightness. I was dreading this but it didn’t happen to me at all.

Make sure you wash it on 30 degrees otherwise it can lose shape/elasticity. You will be hand washing it so just don’t make the water too hot.

Definitely get two or more! This will make your life so much easier. You are supposed to wear your compression bra at all times apart from showering during your six week recovery period. Therefore you really need to have two so that you are wearing one whilst the other one is being washed/dried.

Another thing I loved about the product was how quickly it dried – so it made maintenance really easy.


What is really nice is they come in three colours. Black, red and nude. I chose black because it goes with everything and the strap colour is more discrete.

I can honestly say I’ve felt super comfortable in this bra – which is vital for surgery healing. I can’t fault it. I feel like wearing it all the time. It’s going to be weird going back to normal bras again!

Macom don’t just do compression garments for breast augmentations they also do them for vaser, post natal and a number of other things.
*I was kindly gifted my Macom bra but all opinions expressed are my own. The bra I used is available here.
Words @tamaratweetheart