Design duo who met on Tinder take their collection to Liberty

The Möbius Collection explores 3D possibilities on 2D forms – folding fabrics, contours & weaves back in on themselves to the point where geometry becomes natural again – where pattern gives in to chaos.
It all sounds very serious, but Möbius is a light, bright, sexy collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Pastels & oily crystals provide a warm base which is constantly lifted & challenged by sassy neons and glamorous metallics. There are two sides to every piece. The linings of totes and tech cases work as hard as their exterior, while beautiful, reversible belts encourage you to sculpt your own Möbius twists out of pure suede and softest Kobe hide.

Printed leather clutch bag by Tovi Sorga

Luxury metallic clutch bag Tovi Sorga

Metallic gold tote bag Tovi Sorga

Neon tote

pink duo

All this on the finest pure leather, made possible by a unique printing technique developed by British designer and craftsman, Tovi Sorga. Tovi began experimenting with larger jewellery pieces around fifteen years ago and has gone onto become one of the world’s experts in printed leather, bringing richly detailed prints to famously ‘buttery’-soft accessories.

Striped leather tote bag Tovi Sorga

Möbius is the first collection created with writer and co-designer Agnes Davis, who Tovi met on Tinder in late 2014. Agnes now takes care of the behind-the-scenes bits of the business, and it’s been an exciting year since they started working together. The brand is in discussions with Liberty after being accepted through the Best of British Open Call in January 2016, and they have renowned British manufacturers on board in preparation for a big year ahead. Watch this space.