Gucci Fiat 500c Car

Written by: Clara Brennan

The new Gucci fiat 500C car is a tasty new modern creation of excellence and superior relevance that supports the awakening of a new era of stylish driving. Gucci, which is valued as one of the premium designer brands in the world has created and merged with the Fiat car brand to create a dynamic creation of their own cars with the Fiat brand in steady motion. Customised by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, the magnificent creation appeals to Gucci lovers and designer enthusiasts all over the world. The new car’s come with a soft top roof with Gucci striped logo embedded onto the cars roofing. The Guccissima print patterned logo is present inside the car’s interior seating with the embossed Gucci red and green stripes placed down the middle of the leather seating, whilst the Guccissima print logo is neatly stitched onto each of the car seats. The new Gucci Fiat car costs £17,800 and comes in two colours; a pure ice white colour and a dense black colour. Both colours are finished with splashes of glitter elements. Along with the Gucci print printed onto the seats, seat belts, gearbox, key cover and mats, the iconic Gucci name logo signature is proudly cemented onto the back of the car onto the tailgate and also onto the car doors. The exclusive glossy finishing’s make a vivid but subtle statement, elaborating to other drivers that you are driving a designer piece of class whilst cruising on the road. The Gucci Fiat car proudly uses the Gucci logo stripes neatly finished onto each of the cars exterior sides, adding an extra element that divides a normal fiat to a Gucci 500C Fiat. The new cars come with a Blue & Me system integrated with parking sensors, a climate control system, seven airbags (included on the front, side, window and knee), a car radio with CD-MP3 player and a leather satin finished steering wheel. With the merging of two worldwide brands Fiat and Gucci have created a new car which is recognised and represents a diverse, modern, and luxurious creation. It entails and visions a high class calibre on the interior and exterior. The new Gucci Fiat is a high class travelling piece of art which Gucci lovers are marvelling over all over the world. It is a little slice of designer heaven on wheels and if you’re a designer collector of high class goods with big branded names, this little gem sure is a great asset to add to your designer collection this year. Travel in style!