Three Top Foundations | Tried & Tested

When it comes to buying and wearing foundation, I like to keep it simple. I’m fair with quite sensitive skin – which means that I have to be careful that a) I don’t buy a shade too dark and b) the product won’t suffocate my skin.

My makeup routine in general is fairly straightforward and fuss-free so I didn’t want to buy a foundation that needed mixing with other products such as a primer, SPF or moisturiser, as that would have only aided the breakouts and greasiness I was having to endure on a daily basis.

I have found that with a lot of foundations the application can be a smooth ride, but they just don’t last all day. Working and travelling around London means that my skin has to deal with various toxins, humidity and rain, and too much caffeine all in 12 hours. I don’t like topping up with more foundation due to my skin’s sensitivity, which means that if I do something after work I’m often caught in a catch 22 situation – do I take it all off and start again or do I put up with the smudges and oiliness for another few hours?

Cost is also an issue for me – as I don’t use tonnes of foundation, I sort of begrudge splurging on it. However, since my skin was in an awful rut I decided to live a little and try and find the best product out there for me.

After some extensive research I managed to narrow my long list of foundations down to the following 3: Dior’s Diorskin Forever, Shiseido’s Synchro Skin and the famous Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Here are my reviews:


Dior | Diorskin Forever

Shade: 011

SPF: 35 – I’ve never seen a foundation with such a high SPF so this definitely gave it extra points.

Application: It had a very thin consistency which I was worried about, but it was lovely and silky to put on.

Coverage: Great even coverage, it blended really well and covered up blemishes and dark circles.

Long lasting: I found the proof of this on a makeup wipe I used at the end of the day; there was plenty still left on my face. My skin had also stayed relatively oil free all day.

Price: £33. It was definitely at the higher end of my budget but I would honestly say that it was worth it.

Would I buy it again: Yes. I couldn’t afford to use it as my everyday foundation as it would really bump up my beauty basket value, but for weekends and special occasions I will definitely have a bottle standing by.


Shiseido | Synchro Skin

Shade: Neutral 1

SPF: 20. Quite an impressive SPF, definitely more than enough for someone who sits inside an office all day anyway.

Application: It had a really runny consistency that had the potential to be very messy, however it literally glided over my skin and was so easy to wash off of my hands afterwards.

Not the best coverage I’ve ever experienced, but it worked wonders on my sensitive skin. Due to it’s light and airy texture, my skin still looked and felt nice even after I had taken it off.

Long lasting: As much as I enjoyed using this foundation, I can’t say that it lasted all day. By around 2pm I noticed that it had really thinned out.

Price: £32. Not awfully expensive, but a little too much for me to use as a day-to-day product – especially as I would have to top it up a lot.

Would I buy it again: Yes – but not regularly. Perhaps as a treat!


Estee Lauder | Double Wear

Shade: 1N1 Ivory Nude

SPF: 10. I was hoping for a little higher, but it’s better than nothing.

Application: I found it a little tricky to apply; the texture is pretty thick and dries on skin very quickly which meant that I had to be really speedy so as to avoid any patches or streaks.

Coverage: The coverage was really good as I made sure that my application was even and well blended. It covered blemishes, red spots and dark circles instantly – I even went without my usual under-eye concealer.

Long lasting: Out of all 3, this one lasted the longest – it seriously didn’t budge all day. Perfect for a London tube traveller.

Price: £31. A very reasonable price for how well it performed.

Would I buy it again: Yes, but I don’t think my skin could handle wearing it everyday – it’s just a little too thick for me.

Overall winner: It’s got to be Dior. It ticked most of the boxes and I really felt good in my skin whilst wearing it. I found it comfortable, long-lasting and most importantly – it made my skin look great in photos!

Words by Sophia Chettleburgh
Photos taken by Sophia Chettleburgh
Twitter: sophiageorginnax