Review | Hothair


Whether you’re in need of extensions to lengthen and thicken your locks or want a colourful wig for a Halloween party – Hothair will undoubtedly have something for you. Based in the UK with products sold in Selfridges and boutique salons, Hothair offers customers a wide range of beautiful wigs, easy to use clip in extensions and glamorous hair pieces that not only look great, but feel great too.

Hothair began their journey in 1988 and have since grown into one of the most popular online stores for hair pieces. As their empowering introduction states: ‘women always want to look great and have fabulous hair, and Hothair has a long history of helping them do just that’. With an array of gorgeous products from a huge range of brands, Hothair can offer women solutions to any hair problem.

I was recently gifted some Invisible Extensions from Hothair to review and was truly amazed by how simple they were to put in, how well they matched my own hair colour and texture, and by how natural they looked – something that is really important to me when it comes to hair extensions.


The hair came in beautiful packaging and contained a styling option leaflet and an instruction guide – not that instructions were needed with how effortlessly simple they were to put in.


The extensions came on one strip which consisted of different lengths and layers to really make sure that your own hair could be blended well. The strip has an invisible, stretchy plastic thread which is used to fix the hair into place. All I had to do was put them over my head, pull the clear band up to my hair line and then blend it in – which consisted of picking a few sections of my natural hair to sit over the top.



I’ve never had such comfortable extensions; they sat beautifully around my head and felt so light whilst managing to instantly thicken the appearance of my hair.



A big thank you to Hothair for the gifting! Should I be wanting to buy anymore hair pieces I will most certainly be visiting their website – the quality of their products are outstanding and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

To view more of Hothair’s fantastic range and to get your Halloween hair sorted visit their website, where they are offering a 20% discount on all products – just use checkout code BOO16

Reviewed by Sophia Chettleburgh
Photos: Sophia Chettleburgh and Hothair
Colour of extensions: Buttered Toast