Review | Little Ondine Nail Polish


Whilst attending the Stylist Live event this weekend I came across some really interesting stalls and pop ups. They all had fresh individuality and offered the likes of sparkling jewels, handmade clothing, natural beauty and premium makeup.

As tempting as all of these lovely products were, I had to try and limit myself to only one or two purchases – so as not to break the bank and to give my credit card a (small) break. After walking around and viewing all of the delights on offer, I stumbled upon a stand full of beautiful nail polishes. Taking advantage of a beauty-struck girl, one of the gentlemen working there approached me and went about giving the low-down on these water-based nail polishes.

Firstly he told me they were odourless – something I admittedly doubted but when I held the open bottle up to get a whiff I had to agree that yes, it really was odourless. Secondly he told me that to remove the polish from my nails all I had to do was peel it off – now he had my attention. I watched as he seamlessly peeled off the full coloured coverage of his finger nail – no need for pungent polish remover or oily pads – simply peel off and you’re done. Thirdly he described how they are made from natural ingredients; organic colourants, water and natural resin thus eliminating unnecessary damage to your nails. If I weren’t sold already, I only had to glance at the rainbow of colours to choose from. I went for a vibrant red which really brightened up my skin tone.

It was easy to apply, dried very quickly and looked beautifully glossy. Too tempted to wait until they started to chip, I went in for the kill and had a go at peeling the polish off. As promised it came clean off, leaving no specks of colour, no stains and my nails still felt strong.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

These nail polishes are a fantastic idea for people on the go and are so easy to use and remove. For more wonderful colours and inspiration, visit Little Ondine’s website.

Written by Sophia Chettleburgh