Gucci Dionysus Collection


The eclectic design is a must have for any high fashion lover. The name “Dionysus” is significant to its special design and sentimental purpose.

Dionysus is a past Greek god, and each bags buckle closure is in reference to a tiger whom Dionysus rode across the river Tigris in past centuries. Gucci have brought some fierce historic elements to this collection and the purposeful buckle adds a sprinkle of something fresh in terms to fashion forward thinking. The flash Dionysus bags bring a new wave of classic style and bring a fresh approach compared to Gucci’s past collections, but still merges the past Gucci logo within a new soulful product.

The bags are structurally designed for comfort and can be used casually or could be used for a special outing along with the bags multiple chain option, giving the multiple option of a top handle bag or shoulder bag. The Dionysus bags are a neat little handbag treasure to own. The dazzling and elegant Dionysus bags come in a multitude of various subtle colours and patterns which all have a Gucci logo base on the bags core lining. The Dionysus collection has a colourful palette of various designs and colours ranging from taupe, pink, green, black, to beige and some have trickles of lush embroidery with Gucci’s imprint logo embedded onto each bag. The bags range in various style, price and colour, and some of the Dionysus bags offer a more luxury material worth a lot more because of the snakeskin detailed textured material.

What special features does the Dionysus bags offer? Suede lining, hand painted edges, hand stitched details, tiger head buckle closure, multiple chain option and not to mention a classic shape and design mimicking handbag styles from the 1950’s era! Gucci presents wealth to its buyers and the Dionysus collection is undoubtedly a salute to what the brand is all about mixed with a unique design referencing a higher power. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner and have been seen publicly wearing bags from the Dionysus collection, who can blame them they are heavenly sent!

The Gucci Dionysus collection is currently available from Gucci, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges.

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Gucci GG supreme coated canvas shoulder bag, £1,020.00


Gucci Dionysus Pink £1,100.00


Dionysus small embellished coated-canvas and suede shoulder bag £2,500.00

Written by: Clara Brennan

Twitter: @clarabellamaria