The Handmade Issue with Stylist and Pinterest

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The build up to Christmas can often feel incredibly overwhelming; numerous Christmas dinners, chock-a-block late-night shopping trips, work dos and a bank balance that appears to dwindle at an alarming rate. Each year I pledge to myself that I won’t spend too much money and that I will be more thoughtful and make my presents – but by 2nd December those ideas are out of the window and I’ve racked up a rather large bill on Amazon. So when my lovely friend texted me that she’d booked us tickets to one of Stylist’s DIY workshops I was over the moon – an afternoon filled with crafts and like-minded people sounded like a brilliant way to kick-start this years festivities.

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Teaming up with Pinterest, Stylist created a small winter wonderland (with a snow machine) at the Handmade Studio set in the heart of Soho. Inside, the studio was adorned with handmade decorations and free guides, a popcorn stall, a pop-up Hotel Chocolat bar, a Christmas tree with well wishes and computers set up with Pinterest boards for guests to scroll through and gather as many ideas as possible.

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After floating around the cosy studio and scoffing one (or two) of Vicky’s Donuts, we were called to take our seats at a table with London textile designer Zeena Shah. Zeena talked us through how to make a confetti christmas cracker – filled with beautiful handmade confetti in a cracker designed and made by ourselves. Soon the chatter rose, and everyone in the room was nattering away, comparing techniques and patterns for our creations. What also helped to gee us a long was the bottle of Fentiman’s crisp gin and tonic, which was waiting patiently at the table for us when we arrived.

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An hour flew by and after comparing and sharing our final pieces with one another, Zeena presented us with wonderful gift bags full of festive goodies.

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The workshop was enjoyable in so many ways; it was lovely to spend the afternoon with my friend but it was also wonderful to share an hour with people I had never met before, who shared the same interests in crafts and who also had intentions of having a DIY christmas.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the true meaning and importance of Christmas, and we can often find ourselves worn thin and feeling more like Scrooge than Santa. Stylist’s Handmade Issue was a fantastic way to get people feeling creative, festive and inspired. Why not have a go at making your own Christmas gifts this year?

For more information on Stylist’s Handmade Issue click here.

Words by Sophia Chettleburgh
All photos taken by Sophia Chettleburgh