Gucci Mini Handbags

The Gucci revolution is a reflective state of the brands creative resilience and vivid design experience. The new multitude of mini bags are a sprinkle of Gucci’s finest assets to date. The bags are dazzling to look at and super characteristic. They vary in colour and size and offer convenience with a modern twist. The new mini handbags are neat little treasures to own from Gucci this year. Be sure to grab one before summer 2017 arrives & match them with your summer wardrobe!


£1,260, Gucci light padlock signature shoulder bag

padlock gg supreme shoulder bag 1.25 eur

£1,020, Gucci Padlock gg supreme shoulder bag

padlock studded leather shoulder bag 1.850 eur

£1,500, Gucci Padlock studded leather shoulder bag

padlock embroidered leather shoulder bag 2.490 eur

£2,020 Gucci embroidered leather shoulder bag

padlocka studded leather shoulder bag 1.850 eur

£1,500 Gucci padlock studded leather shoulder bag

padlock gucci signiture shoulder bag 1.490

£1,260 Gucci padlock signature shoulder bag

Photo courte

£1,100 Gucci padlock Bengal shoulder bag

Written by: Clara Brennan


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