Louis Vuitton x Unicef

Its refreshing that in our current time where generosity is rarely expressed and found in high class fashion, an awakening of a new era has set a new ethos and proven moral equality with the combination of fashion & charity. In a world where politics are dangerously changing, it is refreshing to witness a purposeful act from such a prestigious brand like Louis Vuitton and to see them break their formal barriers to team up with one of the world’s biggest charity organisations “UNICEF”. Louis Vuitton are embarking on a new journey through making a difference through designing and donating profits, providing a sense of clarity and hope to our world.

The placid and delicate padlock necklace & bracelet’s are a sentimental value of love, hope and unity to those who buy one. The heavy marketing campaign, features a large cult of celebrities to feature within the campaign. The LV UNICEF necklace & bracelet has a padlock style with the classic Louis Vuitton stamp embedded on the metal.

Could this style be a specific, and purposeful design to mirror the feelings of the UNICEF sufferers? The lock could symbolise a feeling of being trapped in poverty, and with Louis Vuitton’s help with each padlock necklace & bracelet bought you are helping unlock someone’s suffering with a financial donation through purchasing.

Louis Vuitton have embraced the buying campaign with using a picture sharing social media platform, which has seen thousands of responses from people sharing the pictures of themselves wearing the necklace’s & bracelet’s setting the devise and prominent tone to buyers. #MAKEAPROMISE For each sale, £140 will be donated, to UNICEF.

louis-vuitton-silver-lockit-pendant-sterling-silver-jewellery-timepieces--Q93559_PM2_Front view

Written By: Clara Brennan