A Booty Building-Thigh Slimming Workout

Achieving a balanced and perfect figure isn’t always easy, especially when your body type and

genetics are working against you. Every woman’s dream, when it comes to her looks, is to feel

comfortable and satisfied in her own skin. However, somehow, there’s always something that needs

a bit of work, or at least we tend to think so. Therefore, if this time your booty needs a workout,

here’s how you can shape it without building up your legs.

High-intensity interval training

One of the most effective trainings for fat loss is one that is short, but intensive called high-intensity

interval training (HIIT). This type of workout will help you slim your thighs and tighten your booty in

no time, as long as you stick to your routine. What makes this form of exercise so effective is its

intensity – it entails performing sets of different exercises at a fast pace, having a break of only

several seconds, and then doing another round. This simple yet intensive cardio workout will help

you lose fat and have slim legs and thighs while simultaneously shaping your booty. What’s even

better is that your workout doesn’t have to be boring – just do sets of your favourite exercises.

Tone with squats

Among the booty-sculpting exercises is one that tops them all – squats. This type of exercise directly

engages your glutes, the muscles that define your buttocks, and boosts their strength, leading to a

tighter and more rounded look. The whole process is quite simple: you keep your feet parallel and

apart in line with your shoulders. Afterwards, you lower your hips as if you were about to sit in a

chair, and then return to the initial position. While doing the exercise, don’t let your knees push out

in front of your toes and keep your back straight. To make the exercise more demanding, you can

use hand-held weights.


However, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to squats is that they can strengthen your thighs,

which is the opposite of what you wish to achieve. This is why you shouldn’t make them the focus of

your workout, but do them every now and then to shape your booty.

American deadlifts

This form of exercise is performed with a barbell, however, if you’ve just started doing weight

training, you should leave weights for later, and rely on your body weight at first. An alternative is to

start with light dumbbells until you master the move, and then work your way up to a barbell.

Beginners should do sets of 10 reps for starters, while advanced athletes can do sets of 5 to 10 reps

with weights.

American Deadlift

Place your feet at shoulder-width with your arms fully extended down. Grip the barbell with both

hands, bend the knees slightly and keep your back tight, while making a slight arch in the lower back.

Hinge at your hips, drop your upper body and maintain the lower-back arch. When you feel a stretch

in your hamstrings, engage both your glutes and hamstrings, and return to a standing position. Once

you’ve reached the top of the movement, tilt your pelvis backwards and tuck your tailbone, while

powerfully squeezing the glutes. Although this exercise is quite challenging, you’ll gradually master it

and shape your booty just the way you want to.

Additional tips

Although you’ll need to stick to your workout routine and be persistent until you notice the first

signs of improvement, you can make your work easier by implementing some additional measures.

Namely, you should make sure that your efforts aren’t in vain by creating a balanced diet to speed

up your workout process and achieve your fitness goals. Otherwise, you’ll undermine your own

progress and make the entire process much more difficult.

If you work out on a regular basis and make sure to eat healthy and balanced meals, achieving your

perfect figure will be much easier. By sticking to these exercises, you’ll shape and tighten your booty,

while keeping your thighs slim and sexy.

Words by Sam Oliver, follow me on Twitter @sam_olivier_