Dazed 100

Last week I was invited to Dazed 100, The night started by queuing up for the event, luckily, we (my friends and I) were at the front of the queue, earliness always pays off, when it comes to fashion events! Especially as the venue got to full capacity by 9:04pm. Did that stop the eager party-goers from trying to get into the VIP party? Of course, it didn’t, but no matter who you were, the answer was still a firm no.

Since 2014, Dazed has set the cultural agenda with the Dazed 100. In collaboration with CK ONE, the 2017 Dazed 100 is a definitive guide to the next generation shaping youth culture.

The Dazed 100 has been instrumental in underlining those whose moment is now. From Transparent actor and model Hari Nef, who topped the inaugural Dazed 100, through to avant-garde hellraiser Arca, who has gone on to reshape underground music, and whip-smart actress and activist Amandla Stenberg – the Dazed 100 has charted the steady rise of those who’ve dared to give pop culture a shot in the arm.

The 2017 Dazed 100 explores and expresses what freedom means to young people today. It is a call-to-action for our list of creative visionaries and their communities of fans to hit reset on pop culture and take back their freedom. What does freedom mean to you?



Once inside there were numerous opportunities for photos, whether it was with the Dazed 100 wall, the projection installation, or on the CK (Calvin Klein) One booth. Some congratulations to the set designers, as I was impressed with the
atmosphere they created, a fusion of urban meets high fashion. Speaking of atmosphere, the drinks were flowing all night, with Smirnoff, Peroni and Evian as the sponsors of the night. One thing that was apparent were all the cliques on the dance floor, scanning around the room, you could see voguers, poppers and even a few soul train moves. Overall, the
night was amazing, from the company, to the dancing to the never-ending flow of drinks. To end the night with a high, everyone was gifted CK fragrances as a keepsake of the event.

IMG_5857 (1)

No wonder a Dazed party gets to full capacity within minutes of opening their doors.

Thanks for a great night Dazed!
Words @Tajinder