Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons 2017 collection

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons combines, excels and exhilarates historic art with a modern twist in a deliberate way. Some of the most poignant paintings ever painted in history have made a swift presentation in Louis Vuitton’s latest 2017 collection.

The Mona Lisa reigns a social prestige and holds momentous as being of one of the most historic masterpiece’s to ever have been painted, preserved and celebrated.

The Mona Lisa painting was drawn in in Italy in 1504 and is one of the most famous paintings in current history. Louis Vuitton has multifaceted fashion concepts that open new creative tunnels that leave us all to marvel over their creative resilience, and creative vision.

This latest creative is one that exceeds a normal trend, allowing iconic paintings to be made into current fashion in a digital and technological time where handbag fashion’s are such a far cry from old paintings. The latest collection awakens a spinning spectacle of historic art to enable it to become future art and part of current fashion that will appeal to the new generations for years to come.


£2,800 Keepall 50


£2,800 Montaigne MM Fragonard


£1,960 Speedy 30 Mona Lisa da Vinci


£2,240 Neverfull MM


£2,240 Rubens Neverfull MM

Words by Clara Brennan