Wardrobe Essentials With an Edge

Everyone knows that fashion is all about matching the unmatchable, but the fact is that many people are just too shy to experiment and try something new. Adding a touch of edge to your everyday outfits is an absolute must if you want to stand out from the crowd, and if you would like to learn how to do that like a pro, stay with us. Here are five wardrobe essentials you simply need to have!

A pair of classic white sneakers as the ultimate must-have
White sneakers have always been a good idea, and they are an absolute must if you ask the most famous trendsetters from all over the globe. Besides being so comfortable, they bring an extra dose of chic and class.
wardrobe essentials
The fact is that you can wear them in any possible combo, from casual to glamorous one, which makes them beyond versatile. Apart from sporty outfits, a pair of classic sneakers can also be worn with feminine dresses, which is a good enough reason to have them by your side!

The iconic checked shirt
We can assume that you already have one of those in your wardrobe, but if you don’t – what are you waiting for? Seriously, a checked shirt is one of the items you simply have to have – any essential list is incomplete without it! Similarly to white sneakers, this piece can also be worn with anything you can possibly imagine – from skinny jeans and trendy pumps for a crazy night out, to a pair of harem pants for an everyday chill out. As for the accessories, you can add a cool baseball hat or a girly headband. You won’t make a mistake whichever you choose!

A fringed bag for a touch of edge
Everyone’s been raving about fringes these days for a good reason – these are one of the greatest trends in the fashion industry people seem to adore because of their versatility. Even though you have to be a bit more careful when picking the rest of your outfit, you can be sure that a fringed bag will bring a touch of edge to your overall combo.
wardrobe essentials
The truth is that it can take even a plain, simple look to a completely new level, which is exactly why girls love this trend. If you’re a boho type of girl, fringes are definitely your cup of tea!

Army green culottes are everything
You probably already know that culottes are making a huge comeback these days, as well as army green, which seems to be one of the hottest colors this spring. These two trends together make a flawless combination fashionistas simply adore, which is exactly why you need to have this piece, too! Match it with a simple black or white silk shirt, slip into your favorite mules, and voila – your ultimate trendy combo is all done!

You can’t go wrong with a shirt dress
If you simply love wearing dresses, you really need to have a shirt dress in your wardrobe. Black is probably one of the most universal colors out there, so you can always choose it if you want a multipurpose piece appropriate for more than one occasion. Third Form clothing collections are actually all about aesthetic appeal matched with functionality, which are combined in order to put together the perfect outfit. Their shirt dress is all you need for a fancy everyday outfit – its flared sleeves and halter neck with a thin tie will definitely add a touch of edge to your overall look!
wardrobe essentials
As you can see, each of these five pieces can inevitably bring a touch of edge to literally any outfit out there. The truth is that they can transform even the dullest outfits to outstanding ones, which is exactly why you should opt for them next time you go for a shopping spree. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Peter Minkoff