Palazzo Versace Dubai


“Versace Versace Versace” is the slogan that can be heard echoing around the delux, imperial and architecturally gifted hotel in Dubai. Versace, which is one of the most celebrated and formative brands in the world has opened its own hotel in Dubai, which enables its distinct designer talents to be celebrated for a different type of designing prestige. Cool, fresh,spacy and tranquil, the Versace hotel in Dubai is a 5* star masterpiece arranged to represent the Versace brand and lifestyle solely for the publics pleasure. Set within a peaceful abode in rural Dubai, the grand stature of the hotel lies overlooking a Mediterranean style lake surrounded by rich Arabic landscape. The hotel is modelled on and resembles Versace’s iconic elegant villa in Italy, and the interior exudes opulent finishing’s and touches to the high class designer calibre it has been designed to represent.

The high coved ceilings and imprint of Versace patterns and medusa logo are scattered throughout the hotel decor proudly. The goddess theme and classy reception area, every element of its spicy decor has a cool and spacey feel, which adds to the climate and superb location setting of this designer hotel. The glossy marble floors and impressive coved ceilings are meaningful and appealing to guests and Versace fans. The exotic pools are surrounded with a row of descending sultry palm tree features which are a vision and reminisce from the original design of the Versace villa pool in Italy. The regal pool area subsides the general pool areas found in most general hotels as it provides a visually rich and formal area, where the splashes of expensive champagne being absorbed by guests and those of high society talking can be heard, set behind the cool tone of a whispering gentle breeze.

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Written by: Clara Brennan