African Fashion

African Fashion is something that sometimes can be completely unspoken of in the ‘mainstream’ fashion circles, which is not implying African fashion is frowned upon but unconsiously side-tracked. Wouldn’t it be great if other parts of the world could join in with the major four players (Milan, Paris, New York… View Post

John Galliano Debate- Rise & Fall

Well, it looks as though John Galliano is falling and falling even more as his racist antics are taking him to rock bottom right now. It’s quite upsetting to see such a creative, innovate and all right genius designer fall from his grace. What makes it even more upsetting is… View Post

Best Bits of Spring-Summer Fashion Week 2011

Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion Week is now over but we would like to provide you with some of the best bits from the flamboyant, fashionable and exciting catwalk looks of this season: from some of the world’s best designers. Though, this blog will mainly focus on local and national talent; there… View Post

Welcome to Bonafide Supernova

HELLO FELLOW FASHIONISTA’S, FUTURISTA’S AND ENTERPRENEURS! Bonafide Supernova is a fashion, entertainment and entrepreneurial blog which will act as a vocal platform for trendsetting young women. The aim of the blog is to provide content for this audience and to provide valuable content information that can be sourced by other… View Post