London Bars | Little Nan’s, Catford

Londoners love a gimmick. We’ll gladly throw away our hard earned cash to drink cocktails out of wellies or eat our dinner in the dark. We’ll choose a bar that has a Smeg fridge for it’s entrance and slurp on ‘freakshakes’ that contain our daily calorie intake. I enjoy trying… View Post

Trilogy Skincare

After missing the opportunity to attend the Trilogy event, they kindly sent me over a few of their products from their range. I was astounded with the amount they sent me, as I am already a really big fan of Trilogy, religiously using the Organic Rosehip oil and Rosapene Night… View Post

Love Thy Accessories

With London Fashion Week over, there are lots of old school trends that have come back with a fresh and funky take. The current Spring/Summer season always means pastels, and there is some seriously great stuff out there for 2014. Some of the main concentrations for your outfit have to… View Post

Designer Nails! Lazy Nails Collaborate with Tata-Naka

Wear designer nails in an instant I was kindly sent samples of the new Lazy Nail wraps designed by Tata-Naka. Tata-Naka has produced an easy stick on nail wrap with Lazy Nails, inspired by their main SS14 designs showcased at London Fashion Week last season. The renowned fashion designers consist… View Post